ChemLab Project

4-Aminobenzenesulphonic acid

Basic experimentAuthor(s): Monika Partsch (Technische Universität München - AuTUM)
500 mL multiple neck flask0001
Stirring motor0002
Stirrer with locking0003
Cooler with cooling tubes0004
Thermometer with ground glass joint0005
Beaker glasses0006
Dropping funnel0007
Cooling bath0008
Heating unit0009
Measuring cylinder0010
Erlenmeyer flask0011
Round bottom flask0012
Funnel with folded filter0013
Powder funnel0014
Suction filter with rubber cuff0015
Feeding bottle0024
Vacuum connection0017
Porcelain stick0020
Porcelain bowl0021
Drying oven0022
Precision balance0023

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